All spaces pose a challenge when it comes to designing them. But for designing a small living room, a space where you probably spend most of the time (and certainly the one guests experience the most of), the space will have to live up to quite a few expectations. So with designing a small living room specifically things can get tricky. The key factor is how does one strike a perfect balance between making the room feel spacious and big while also getting in some extra seating? What furniture should one choose, and where does one put it? 

        When you are remodelling, one of the key and smartest ways to make a small living room feel more spacious is to engulf it in soft pastel shades into your design scheme to keep the room warm, easy-breezy going, and inviting. 

Expand space with mirrors for your living room

The Living Room interior design

   It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it is something that actually works. The addition of mirrors to any space immediately creates the perfect illusion of extended space. A small living room, especially if it’s cut down on windows, can feel cagey or boxed in. try to create a focal point with the room, turn up and hype the lights, keep it bright and add depth all at once by hanging a mirror or several mirrors around or on top. 

 All the better still, like above, go for an over-sized mirror to cover an entire wall. The trick that outshines all the others. This mirror placement will create the illusion of space by perfectly reflecting back-light and of course the interior decor–doubling up your interior space. Try keeping the color scheme of the small living room usually light and breezy to aid the overall effect.

Conceal the television 

      For a small living room space, every nook and inch can be used as something aesthetically or useful. Now every living room is incomplete without an entertainment center or specifically the television. Now a wall-mounted TV is always going to be the way with modeling up a small living room. WE want it to look perfectly set but we don’t want to be taking up too much space!

     Secure your modern-day flat line screen to the wall to create the most simple, chic, streamlined look. Freeing up space beneath where you would otherwise place it, hence saving valuable creative space. You can beautifully use this space by placing the perfect, wholesome fireplace for those cozy nights.

Multifunctional and modern furniture!

Whether you live in a small studio apartment or a large family home, it always pays to make the best and aesthetic use of every inch of the space. Multifunctional furniture is a huge and broad category of products that includes wall beds, transforming tables, compact seating, etc, basically very innovative storage solutions.

      When it comes to designing a small living room space, every single nook and corner counts, hence every single piece of furniture or any similar element must earn its place in the room. In a small living room, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. Think of different furniture as functional, like using ottomans that work as both a coffee table when needed or simply an extra seating, versatile little stools that can be seats or tables.

A key factor with modeling small living rooms is to pick hard-working, multi-functional pieces of furniture, they are your best friends. You can also add wall mirrors as we mentioned before, but all furniture with reflective surfaces into your design scheme to maximize the amount of natural light reflecting off it in your living room to make it feel bigger and brighter.

Lighten up the walls for your Living room!

      The key way to make any small room look brighter and bigger is through optical illusion. In the design world, every beginner to expert is aware of the fact that light wall colors instantly make a room look bigger and brighter. Bright walls are highly reflective depending on the quality of paint one uses, making a space feel open and spaced out instantly, which helps maximize natural light’s effect. Dark shades absorb light, making rooms feel smaller and compact.

          The perfect picks for it are colors like blush pinks, pale blue/greys, subtle grey walls, and dusky lilacs. Those shades will successfully make any small living room feel fresh and appealing–cozy, and yet not closed in at all. Steer clear of brilliant whites and bright cremes and instead pick those with a subtle green, grey, or taupe which will work perfectly for the small living room.

Cut the clutter!

      Minimalism and organization are two key factors to keep in mind while working with any small space. Especially a small living room. Keeping the space tidy and organized, free of any clutter, will not only spark joy, but nothing cramps up a small space more than unwanted clutter.

     One way to get around this problem is also to get well thought and smartly placed storage ideas into space. Small living rooms can look bigger and kept fresh and uncluttered with well-chosen and chic storage. It is not brainier that a tidy spot creates a calm spot, so a great way to make a small living room feel larger is to keep it meticulously neat, and to do that, everything in the room needs to have its own and perfect place. Floating shelves that fit right into the room and wall designs are perfect for small rooms because they can hold a lot of things on a wall or in alcoves, without taking away anything from the space. Instead of adding on it as an aesthetic accessorize or pick fitted in, floor-to-ceiling shelves and cupboards that make use of every little inch of spare space.

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